The Dogs

What is wingshooting without great dogs to hunt over?  Of course our gundogs are steady to wing and shot, but at Wynfield you will discover that our dogs are much, much more than that. They literally live for the hunt. There is nothing more awe inspiring than watching our pointers and setters work the creek beds, weed fields and food plots, casting back and forth, following their noses, searching the edges, pushing themselves to find those coveys.  And when they do, they freeze, one on point and one at honor, until the hunters are in position, until the birds are flushed in a whir of wings and excitement and you take your shot. Once the birds are down, our retrievers take over, find your birds and bring them back to hand.  This is the timeless dance of hunter, dog, and bird – of simple, classic, magnificent wingshooting.


Setter    Pointer

      On point